Gelezen in april


April was gene vetten op leesgebied. Ik heb veel gebrowsed, maar ook veel te veel gepiekerd om deftig te lezen. En dus werd het er maar eentje, maar wel één waarmee ik twee vliegen tegelijk dood sla.

AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers

AfroSF will serve as an admirable antidote for all those who have to be reminded that Africa is a continent, not a country. Both the stories and the authors are as diverse as any reader could wish…Looking over this broad assortment…it’s clear that this anthology has lived up to its ambition…highly readable and enjoyable stories that take the raw materials of science fiction and give them a different spin…Although it is coming from a small press, it would be lovely if this anthology were to get some of the wider attention it deserves

Allemaal dinges in de toekomst dus, en allemaal van Afrikaanse auteurs. Holadijee!

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